2023 World Table Tennis Day

23rd April, 2023

World Table Tennis Day 2023 – 24h Online Stream

This year sustainability will be at the heart of the occasion.

Think Sustainably, Act Now
Join our various online events and participate in making the World better, stronger, and more sustainable through table tennis.

World Table Tennis Day celebration aims to promote table tennis as a sport for all, regardless of age, gender, or ability. The celebration also encourages the use of table tennis to promote social development, inclusion, and environmental sustainability. This is an event where EVERYONE can show their love and appreciation for the planet and people’s prosperity.

Our interactive events including expert talks, panel discussions, home workouts, and celebration events around the globe will guarantee an exciting day full of fun and inspiration towards a sustainable future.

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April 23, 2023 00:00

Welcome to World Table Tennis Day 2023

April 23, 2023 00:30

Ready in 5 workout with IOC Young Leader Jessie Niles

Jessie Niles
Jessie is a former member of the Canadian Women’s National Volleyball Team, IOC Young Leader and founder of Ready in Five.
April 23, 2023 00:35

Rewatched games WTT Cup Xinxiang 2022 Men and Women

April 23, 2023 02:45


“Smash Down Barriers” to reduce social inequality, in Tonga

April 23, 2023 03:30

Tables 4 ALL - Build a table with recycled material

April 23, 2023 04:00

Rewatched games World Para Table Tennis Championship Men and Women

April 23, 2023 06:00

Meet and greet with WTTD 2023 Promoters Panel

April 23, 2023 07:00

Meet and Greet with Assar Brothers

Khaled Assar

Omar Assar

April 23, 2023 08:00

Sustainability Toolkit Overview with Karine Teow

Karine Teow
ITTF Group Head of Sustainability
April 23, 2023 09:00

African Table Tennis Federation

Table Tennis for All event, in Egypt

April 23, 2023 10:00

Panel Discussion: Sustainability Leadership

Georgina Grenon
Enviromnental Excellence at Paris 2024
Noemie Metais
Youth and Education Officer at UN Environment Programme.
Petra Sörling
ITTF President
Rikke Ronholt Albertsen
Advisors to the Parliament on the Sustainable Development Goals. PhD Fellow, researching how organisations close the “sustainability implementation gap”
April 23, 2023 11:00

Expert Session - Sustainability and Food Waste in Sports Events

Ioannis Konstantopoulos
Sports & Sustainability, Founder of Sports Footprint an environmentally-focused startup implementing sustainable practices in the world of sports while engaging fans, organizations, and key stakeholders.
Seyi Smith
Olympian, electrical Engineer. Founder Founder Racing to Zero: environmental sustainability project and was born from the realization of the amount of waste produced at various sporting events and how little is currently being done about the sustainability of events at the grassroots level.
April 23, 2023 12:00

ITTF Participation Officers Insights

Carlos Esnard Bola

Kealeboga Keitseng

Mohammed Atoum

Paul T

Perez Luisana


Trevor James Hirth PLY

April 23, 2023 12:15

Let's play with Moncho!

Ramon Ortega Montes
Programmes Coordinator
April 23, 2023 13:00

Asian Table Tennis Union

Event on Social Integration and Energy Conservation, in Qatar

April 23, 2023 13:30

Live from the Indian Veterans National Championship 2023

April 23, 2023 14:15

Table Tennis Fitness Exercises with Gaetan Swartenbrouckx

April 23, 2023 14:30

Expert Session: Women Representation and Leadership in Table Tennis in the Arab World

Majd Albloushi
Board member of UAE Table Tennis Association Chairperson of Woman Sport Committee Member of Women's Sport Committee at Sharjah Sports Council and ATTU Member at the Gender Equity Committee Former table tennis champion & UAE National team player.
April 23, 2023 15:00

PingPang Celebration in Paris with WTTD Promoter Quentin Pradelle

April 23, 2023 15:30

PingAlzheimer Celebration in Chile with WTTD Promoter Renato Walkowiak

April 23, 2023 15:45


Table Tennis for Sustainable Health and Environment, in Argentina

April 23, 2023 17:15

PingPod Celebration

April 23, 2023 18:00

Street TT Celebration Videos

April 23, 2023 19:00

Panel Discussion: Sustainable Transformation Through Sports

Andrew Bowen
CEO at One Carbon World
Fabrizio D'angelo
Sustainability manager at the IOC
Karine Teow
ITTF Group Head of Sustainability
Rahul Bissoonauth
Chief Commercial Officer at Yunus Sports Hub
Riikka Rakic
IBU Head of Sustainability
April 23, 2023 20:00

European Table Tennis Union

“Spin Towards Sustainability” at the U-21 European Championships, in Bosnia

April 23, 2023 20:45

WTT Macao Highlight Celebration

April 23, 2023 21:00

Let's chat with Saurabh Mishra and Karine Teow

Saurabh Mishra
Programmes Manager
Karine Teow
ITTF Group Head of Sustainability
April 23, 2023 21:30

Pongathon Challenge

Adrean Leigh
Ex-county player and high-profile music promoter created Pongathon. His mission – to socialise table tennis through music and entertainment.
April 23, 2023 22:00

Meet and Greet with IOC Young Leaders

Omar Bassyouni
ITTF Development Manager, IOC Young Leader, founder of Ramp Up : table tennis academy which provides opportunity for people with disabilities to practice sport in a safe and accessible environment.
Sophia Papamichalopoulos
Olympian, Doctor and former alpine skier, IOC Young Leader, founder of Winds of change.
April 23, 2023 23:00

World Table Tennis Day 2023 Promoter - Yasiris Ortiz Table Tennis Drills

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Frequently Asked questions

World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) has been celebrated annually in April since 2015. It is the day we celebrate table tennis, as well as the universality and social inclusiveness the sport represents. Starting this year and moving forward, we will celebrate WTTD on 23 April, honouring Ivor Montagu, organiser of the first World Table Tennis Championships in 1926 and the founder and first president of the ITTF. World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) celebrates the joy of playing table tennis for fun, bringing people together, focusing less on competition and more on participation and enjoyment.